“We believe that our region’s future will be based on a sustainable and connected farming community. This is our vision and what drives us to deliver the information needed by our members.” 


The WMG is a Not-for-Profit organisation founded by local farmers in the region to ensure that there was timely and relevant information to support our members economic, environmental, and social sustainability. This has always been our mission.  

Our grower based board is guided by its Constitution to ensure that good governance keeps the organisation focused on its goals. 

The WMG is based in Dandaragan, approximately two hours North of Perth, Western Australia. Our members are predominantly located in this region, although our broader industry-based activities mean that we have many members from other regions with shared values as the WMG community. 


Our Mission

To provide excellence in research, development and extension initiatives that supports on-farm capacity and productivity.


What We Do

Our role is to identify and de-risk the innovation that has the potential to improve the sustainability of farming in our region. This is needed by our members to be adequately equipped to tackle the future agricultural environment. 


“Innovation (def): The process of creating and putting into use combinations of knowledge from many different sources. This knowledge may be brand-new, but usually it is new combinations of existing knowledge. It is a process of constant learning and adaption and occurs through interaction between multiple stakeholders” (FAO, from Hall, 2001). 


Our core activities are to facilitate agricultural research activities in the region and to communicate this to our community of over 350 grower and industry representatives.  

The WMG also lead cropping and livestock industry-based projects that have a whole-of-state impact. From the Pilbara to Esperance, our network of collaborators help to deliver large scale projects that impact the development of industries in the future. 

This is achieved through strong collaborative relationships with other grower groups in WA. There are over 40 grower groups like the WMG who focus on meeting the needs of their local members. Through shared values and agricultural issues, we collaborate to increase the impact of our activities to move the state’s agricultural industry forward.