Seasonal Updates Event

On Tuesday, 21 March the most topical and challenging conversations will be discussed at the West Midlands Group (WMG) Seasonal Updates event.

This event focuses on agriculture’s future horizon, and the focus is on delivering information that is likely to impact farming businesses in the coming three to five years.

A wide range of speakers will provide local farmers with key industry insights, emerging trends, and new opportunities relevant to the region.

The expansive list of key industry representatives planned for the day will cover topics such as profitability of cropping and livestock enterprises, in-depth soil testing, grains industry carbon benchmarking and more.

The WMG team has been listening to members across the region in designing the event to ensure the issues for discussion are timely and relevant.

WMG is focused on what will help farmers remain profitable and sustainable well into the future, so planning for this event has meant focusing on speakers who can help move the west midlands region forward. With a focus on new opportunities to boost farm profitability, keynote speaker and Managing Director of Wide Open Agriculture Ben Cole will give a bird's eye view of their progress in value-adding agricultural products, particularly lupin.

In the move towards more sustainable agricultural practices across the region, WMG has reached out to Blythe Calnan, now with Resource Consulting Services, to discuss the integration of Regenerative Agriculture practices into her own property at Harvey (WA). Her insights and knowledge in this space and how it links with creating a more resilient farming business will allow attendees to think more deeply about the application to their business.

Expanding further on the topics of both profitability and sustainability in the rapidly emerging carbon emissions and sequestration space will be Richard Brake of Richard Brake Consulting, Larissa Taylor from Saviour Consulting, and Ben White from Kondinin Group. These speakers have been involved in the first grain pilot carbon benchmarking program with WA grain producers and their knowledge on the intricacies of carbon benchmarking are second to none.

The WMG Seasonal Updates event will be held at the Badgingarra Community Centre on Tuesday,
21 March. This event is free for members, fully catered on the day and will close with a sundowner.

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Upcoming Workshops

WMG is partnering with well-known industry parties in 2023 to deliver in-demand workshops for our farming community. For more information on what we have coming up, please see below.

WMG is collaborating with NACC to host our 'Beyond Bare Soil: Building Resilience in Perennial Pastures' event on 4 April. Join us for a farm visit and workshop session where we will delve into the best practices for establishing and managing perennial pastures.

Grant Bain will be in the room to share his valuable knowledge on seeding perennials. There will also be a round table discussion to share experiences and insights.

Don't miss out on this interactive event giving you the tools to build resilient pastures on your farm. This workshop is exclusive, with only 20 tickets available. RSVP to Erin: 0427 246 846.

This event is supported by NACC NRM through funding from Australian Government's National Landcare Program.


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Upcoming WMG Events

Upcoming WMG Events 2023

Would you like to save the dates of WMG's upcoming 2023 events? Please find the dates for our forthcoming events outlined below; also note that while dates are confirmed, further details will follow soon for our events later in the year. 

13 June Committee Meeting

27 June Livestock Event

1 August Committee Meeting 

9 September Student Crop Walk

19 September WMG Spring Field Day 

28 November Pasture Drive 

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