Summit Fertilizers N-Shield Range

By Summit Fertilizers

There is a lot of discussion these days around environmental factors and the push toward “net zero” emissions. Summit is working together with farmers, grower groups, and industry to provide solutions for customers. Summit have recently been trialling the application of a urease inhibitor to granular Urea and are introducing the N-Shield range to their product offering with further trials planned around the state for 2024.

The N-Shield range is designed to optimise nitrogen efficiency and is the first of Summit’s Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer products (EEF). The primary aim is to increase the effectiveness of nitrogen utilisation, along with significantly reducing Ammonia volatilization. In higher rainfall zones a dual action NBPT/DCD coating can also minimise the leaching of Nitrates, and in waterlogged situations, Nitrous Oxide emissions caused by the denitrification process.

To find out more on the benefits and how it could work for you, contact your local Area Manager, Alana Alexander on 0417 492 047, or visit the Summit website at

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